Dance and Gymnastics Center

Enrollment for all classes is by registration.  Fee for registration is $50 per student. Students will be accepted  on a space available basis.  

 Starsteps is proud to offer an All- Inclusive pricing plan – a no hassle approach for busy families!

Effective January 2021

1 - $65
2 - $110
3 - $145
4 - $175


Your monthly payment includes everything you need for a full,   wonderful gymnastics experience.  There are NO additional or hidden costs.  The only difference is that we’ve done all the planning and math for you!  Here’s what’s included:
 -  Tuition
 - Showcase Fee (SGC Showcase is held every January) – includes showcase t-shirt, professionally produced showcase at Starsteps Gymnastics Center facility, one complimentary program, keepsake medal (Showcase Tickets are not included)
Some items are completely optional and considered ‘a la carte’. These items are NOT included in the above payment plan: class attire and shoes, registration fee ($50), additional Starsteps-wear, dance/ gymnastics pictures, Wizard of Oz/Christmas Spectacular/Recital performance fee or January Showcase tickets, etc.
Refund/Pro-Rate Policy: Tuition is non-refundable. We do not pro-rate, as we have a very generous class makeup policy.  Other items are non-refundable after the order has been placed.

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