Starsteps is a place where grace and hard work come together as one.  It is a place that means so much to me because of the loving people you are surrounded by.  It offers amazing opportunities that allow you to share the talent that God has given you.  Starsteps is a home away from home that will forever hold a special place in my heart. ~ 2011 Graduate, Ashton Kirby

Starsteps Dance Center provided me with an extremely well-rounded education in commercial and competitive dance genres. I consistently use the foundation I received at Starsteps in my continued education in dance and in my professional dance career. More than that, Starsteps was a second home for me where I not only learned how to become a relevant dancer in the field, but also how to be a loyal teammate, a diligent worker, and a person of character. Some of the most valuable lessons I have learned in my life took place at Starsteps Dance Center.   ~ 2009 Graduate, Emily Aiken

Dancing can captivate your soul no matter where you are. You may be most comfortable in your bedroom where no one can see you but when dancing at Starsteps, you are in such a place of comfort and welcoming that it reminds you of home. Starsteps is a place of expression, laughter, and creativity. For me, this is the place where I became the young woman I am today. Roxanne and Michelle and the staff of Starsteps helped me grow up during my pre teen years. I learned about working as a team, respecting others, and the joy of creating art through movement. I tried to be a part of every class and activity possible. Each opportunity let you be involved in a new aspect of dance. Dancing can help you find who you are or who you want to be. No matter where you are in your journey in life or your dancing abilities, Starsteps is a place to help you grow. I continued on to become a graduating senior and a dance instructor at Starsteps. It is a life experience I will always cling to. Being involved with the children, teens, adults, and fellow staff at Starsteps is exciting and unforgettable. Of course the technique and skills that I learned throughout the years are essential and significant. However, the memories and experiences are much more important to me. I may never have been the most flexible or most technical dancer on the stage but I was always extremely happy. That is what Starsteps can give you... happiness found when you dance.  ~ 2011 Graduate, Lauren Miller Moore

Starsteps Dance Center is a wonderful place to grow as a dancer & make ever lasting friendships. My time spent at Starsteps was time I'll never forget. The Studio will always have a special place in my heart along with the amazing staff who make the journey all the more fun. 2014 Graduate, Shelby Hagy


Starsteps Dance Center

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