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Dance and Gymnastics Center

Starsteps Dance and Tuition Policies

____________  Enrollment for all classes is by registration.  Fee for registration is $50 per student. Students will be accepted  on a space available basis.  Classes are limited and all classes are closed to enrollment once full or after  February 1st, 2022

__________  Starsteps is proud to offer an All- Inclusive pricing plan – a no hassle approach for busy families!

 Your monthly payment includes everything you need for a full,   wonderful dance experience.  There are NO additional or hidden costs.  The only difference is that we’ve done all the planning and math for you!  Here’s what’s included:

 -  Tuition

 -  Recital Costume – including tights & accessories, all in a custom garment bag.

 -  Recital Fee – includes recital t-shirt, dress rehearsal and professionally produced recital at the JE Broyhill Civic Center, one complimentary recital program, keepsake medal

__________Some items are completely optional and considered ‘a la carte’.  These items are NOT included in the above payment plan: class attire and shoes, registration fee ($50), additional Starsteps-wear, dance pictures, Wizard of Oz/Winter Spectacular performance fee or tickets, etc.

 __________  Refund/Pro-Rate Policy: Tuition is non-refundable. We do not pro-rate, as we have a very generous class makeup policy. Other items are non-refundable after the order has been placed.

_________ We hope that each student will complete the year, but if a student should discontinue classes a 30-day notice is required. A WITHDRAW FORM must be filled out in the office by the 5th of the month to stop the charge for the month.  Any withdraw form completed after the 5th will be considered as of the first of the next month.  Phone calls, texts, emails and verbal notices are not acceptable.   Must see Michelle during her office hours and fill out form.  Please also note effective (11/15/19) anyone who fills out a withdraw form must re-enroll as a student to begin taking classes, a registration fee will need to be paid when enrolling.

 _________ All tuition is to be paid  either with cash, check or credit card.  A $30 fee will be charged for returned checks.  Tuition not paid by the 10th of the month will be charged a 10% late fee.

 _________  Multiple child discounts of $35 per year are applied to the April tuition on the family account.  This discount is for  Children’s Program and Traditional Classes only.
________  Dancers who miss more than one class may choose to schedule a make up class in the appropriate age within 3 weeks of the absence.  Please check in with the office  so they can notify the teacher.

 _________  Starsteps Dance Center follows the Caldwell County Schools’ schedule for Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, MLK Day and Spring Break.  Starsteps will not close for teacher workdays.

 _________  Snow/Ice:  If Caldwell County Schools  are closed for  snow/ice please call Starsteps, check the  website,, or facebook for announcements regarding classes.  If there is no message regarding weather, then classes will follow the schools decision.

 _________  It is our belief that students work more productively when not observed.  Teachers need the full attention of your child to teach effectively.  We are proud of our teachers and teaching methods so parents may check on students through observation window at any time. Keep in mind not to distract or disrupt students during class.  Please do not block hallway as classes are letting out because children can become scared or frightened in tight spaces.

 _________  Students and parents of Starsteps Dance Center agree that SDC may take photos, video or audio recording  of students in classes, community events, or public performances and that these materials may be used for display, promotion and/or advertising.  This hereby waives any compensation for appearing in such material.