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Dance and Gymnastics Center

What to expect at dress rehearsal:

Saturday May 26th

‐ all are held at JE Broyhill Civic Center

Dancers will need to arrive and report to their assigned dressing room and be ready in costume and with hair and makeup done 20 minutes prior to assigned time.

***Be sure to leave plenty of time for traffic and parking.

Dancers will be brought to the stage to perform their number.

 In general the dancers will go to number on stage and then run through the dances with music.  If the teacher is satisfied, they will be brought back to the dressing room. At this time you are done‐you can expect us to be within 10‐15 minutes of this assigned time‐we generally do not run behind unless dancers arrive late. So, please help us to stay on time.

Friday, May 25th Dress Rehearsal

At JE Broyhill Civic Center

3:50 - Tumble Baby

4:00 - Primary Acro

4:05 - Acro 1

4:15 - Acro 2

4:25 - Acro 3 /4

4:35- Acro 4/5

4:40 - Acro 5

4:45 -  Acro 6

5:00 - Alumni Class




Saturday, May 26th Dress Rehearsal

At JE Broyhill Civic Center

***arrive 20 minutes ahead of scheduled time ready to dance in costume***
9:00 - Tuesday 5:00 Ballet

9:05 - Monday 3:30 Kinder Ballet

9:10 - Thursday 3:30 1st Grade Ballet

9:15 - Monday 3:30 Kinder Tap

9:20- Thursday 3:30 1st Grade Tap

9:25 - Tuesday 4:15 Jazz

9:30 - Wednesday 5:00 Preschool Ballet

9:35 -Tuesday 4:15 Tap

9:40 - Wednesday 5:00 Preschool Tap

9:45 - Monday 6:30 Lyrical

9:50 - Tuesday 6:30 Kinder Tap

9:55 - Tuesday 5:45 Hip Hop

10:00 - Monday 5:00 Ballet/Pointe

10:05 - Tuesday 6:30 Kinder Ballet

10:10 - Monday 7:15 Jazz

10:15 - Thursday 1st Grade Ballet

10:25 - Monday 4:15 Jazz

10:30 - Monday 7:15 Tap

10:35 - Thursday 1st Grade Tap

10:40 - Monday 4:15 Tap

10:45 - Thursday 3:30 Early Preschool Ballet

10:50 - Monday 8:00 Hip Hop

10:55 - Thursday 3:30 Early Preschool Tap

11:00 - Monday 3:30 Hip Hop

11:05 - Thursday 5:45 Early Preschool Ballet

11:10- Pointe 2/3

11:15 - Thursday 5:45 Early Preschool Tap

11:20 - Two Two Class



What To Expect Recital Day‐

Saturday May 26th

 Please arrive no less than 30 minutes before show time with your dancer ready in costume, hair done and with makeup (female dancers’ only‐see below for specifics). Your dancer and a female (best if it is the same person who brought the dancer on dress rehearsal day) will be allowed into the same dressing room they were assigned for dress rehearsal. All other family members may find their seats (will open 45 minutes ahead of show time).

Once your dancer is settled, we ask that you also find your seat. This day will be a bit more chaotic than dress rehearsal as all dancers will arrive at the same time and not on a staggered schedule. Therefore, the sooner we can settle the dancers the better.



Each female dancer should wear the following: Eye shadow, blush, lipstick red or deep wine, mascara and eyeliner. For our younger dancers who may not sit still for this, start with blush and lipstick. Why do we have the dancers wear makeup? The stage lights white out faces.

 Class Moms/Class Sitters

In order to successfully perform a show we need the help of two moms/babysitters per class to help each class from preschool thru elementary school.

 What does this involve? Watching your child’s class before, during and after they have performed and getting them to the stage area when needed (don’t worry we give you direction).  

Every Class needs to have 2 class moms or Sitters to watch the class.

We will have a meeting on Thursday May 3rd from 6:30-7:00 to go over details for the show.

Parents who sign up and help backstage will receive FREE Registration fee for 2018-2019.
Limit two per class.

Please sign up with Carol Ann at the front desk!



Please check the Recital Information Below:

Please Make Sure your Account is Up To Date.  All Dancers must have account balances of $0 to participate in the recital.


2022 Recital 

Mark your calendar - Starsteps Recital 2022

May 27th & 28th 

J.E. Broyhill Civic Center