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Dance and Gymnastics Center

Children’s Program ( age 2-6 )
The Traditional Children’s Program is designed for young children with little to no dance experience.  These are child friendly  45 minute classes introducing the fundamentals of dance and early habits.  We help students to develop body awareness, rhythm, flexibility, coordination, listening skills, and confidence through pre-ballet, tap, and creative movement exploration.
Traditional Student Program ( age 7-Adult )
The Traditional Student Program is designed for all students 2nd Grade and up,  We offer classes in classical ballet, pointe, lyrical, jazz, tap, and hip hop.  Each dancer develops skills, has fun, and exhibits personal progress.
Pre-Professional Company ( age 7-18 )
The Pre-Professional Company is designed to develop the serious dancer and expose them to professional dance experiences through study, competition, and performance.  Requirements include yearly audition, registration in 3+ classes per week and Technique twice per month, required attendance policy, mandatory competition participation, and numerous community performances.
Classes vary each week and include exposure to all the above classes and intensive flexibility, abdominal strength, turn and jump exercises.  Classes are open to all registered students.

Classical Ballet
Students follow a traditional and creative exploration of a structured ballet syllabus using correct French vocabulary and including exposure  to numerous ballet styles. Classes involve barre work, stretching, adagio, pirouettes, and allegro. Ballet training stimulates focus, grace, self control, poise, and technique in correct body placement. Ballet provides a foundation for all forms of dance.

Students wear Pointe Shoes for classes and must have completed 3 or more years of ballet training, have reached an appropriate level of technical ability, be at least 11 years old and developmentally ready.  Students must have a commitment to this advanced level of ballet study and must be enrolled in ballet class.

Students learn fun and free form dance that includes exposure to both traditional and contemporary dance styles. Classes involve warm up, stretching, crossing progressions, and combinations taught to a wide variety of classic and popular music.  Students are encouraged to  take ballet class.

Students wear tap shoes and learn the rhythmic dances and traditional steps of tap. This style emphasizes timing, balance, musicality, and lower body fine motor skills. Ballet training is recommended for all tap students.

Students learn this new style of ballet/jazz portraying expressions and feelings through movement and music in a 45 minute class format.  Students need ballet to participate in and balance this component of dance.

Hip Hop
Students learn to move outside their comfort zone with  this stylized jazz based form of dance that requires athletic strong body movements and isolated body control.  The music is loud and the actions are bold. 

Students learn to use dance technique from several dance styles to perform Christian praise and worship choreography.

The tumbling/acro classes at Starsteps are designed to help students gain more strength, flexibility and confidence in performing acro tricks.  Our goal is to teach our students technically correct tricks that can be integrated seamlessly into a wide variety of choreography including the areas of dance, cheerleading and gymnastics.  


Starsteps provides complete dance instruction that matches the desires and aspirations of each student.  We emphasize individual dance needs with correct class placement considering ability as well as age.  Starsteps builds strong bodies, poise, good character, self confidence and intellectual ability while encouraging high standards, creative exploration, and positive moral values both inside and outside the studio.