Helpful hints for a successful dance class experience.

Dance and Gymnastics Center

Frequently Asked Questions

don't just reach for the stars, Be one !!

Arrive early. Have your hair neatly secured back and dance shoes on before you enter the classroom.

Wait in the lobby until your teacher comes to get your class. Give mom or dad a high five and enter the hallway/classroom area with your teacher. 

Dress appropriately for the class- follow dress code including hair, tights and shoes.

Parents may watch classes from the observation windows. Do not open the classroom door at any time. 

If for some reason you arrive after class has begun, enter quietly and join in the lesson without disrupting.

Bring your dance bag and spill-resistant water bottle into the classroom and set it in cubby located in classroom.

Wait for designated water breaks, or ask your teacher’s permission before you have a drink of water.

Do not chew gum or bring food into the classroom.

Put your cell phone away in a safe place. Make sure it is on silent.

Save your stories and personal conversations for after class.

Be attentive. Listen to your teacher’s instructions. Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called upon.

Listen to the questions your classmates ask, as the answer will likely benefit you.

Keep your critiques and opinions of others to yourself. We all have different skills we can improve on.

Have a positive attitude and willingness to learn. Clap for and encourage your classmates whenever possible.

Always give your best effort.

Have fun! 

We are looking forward to seeing you in class soon! As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Can I sign my child up for a trial class? YES! We we do offer a “risk free” trial class. Potential students should register online for the class they would like to try and indicate in the “note” that they would like to try the class first. Or you are welcome to call 828-754-9633!  If the student tries the class and choose not to enroll, they are charged only $10 for the class.  Under no circumstance may a child who is not enrolled in a class participate in the class or watch from inside the classroom.  If you choose to register the $10 will be deducted from your registration fee.

·What should I bring? Bring water for your child. Bring your camera. You are encouraged to take pictures. If you upload them on social media, be sure and check in at Starsteps. Use hashtag #iAMstarsteps

What if I'm not sure which class to register for? Give us a call at 828-729-5577 or email and we will be happy to help you choose the best class for your child according to their age and interests. 

·What if the class I want for my child is full? To offer the best possible experience to each student, class size is limited. A class will default to "wait list only" when it reaches the maximum registration limit. Classes are first come first served. You can register for the wait list and we will contact you as soon as there is an opening.

·What should my child wear? Please see the "Class Attire" tab on our website for details. Dance attire and shoes can be purchased on your own, or at Starsteps. 

Do you rent the Gymnastic center for birthday parties? Contact us for more information about birthday parties.